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Code For Kids is a program that was started from an idea in early spring of 2013. At the time, we had no other programs like it. It was a one of a kind (for the most part). Over the years, Code For Kids has grown and we have had so many wonderful experiences teaching kids across Central Canada.

Over the course of the last 2 years, Code For Kids has touched the lives of over 600 kids through more than 30 events, as well as months of dedicated one-on-one tutoring in Ottawa. We will never forget the joy it gave us to watch young girls and boys figuring out tricky problems, creating new things and having fun. We watched them struggle through their frustration to develop amazing and interesting things. We will never forget the pride that our participants had in their accomplishments. We thank you for helping us to succeed in inspiring kids to code.

Over the past few years, we have had a number of helping hands, and we really appreciated all the help. Moving forward, we have lost many of those valuable resources as they have moved on to other things. For that reason, Code For Kids is saying farewell; happy in the knowledge that we have inspired and helped to raise awareness in the importance of teaching coding to the next generation. We leave you with a list of resources for your use:

A Huge Thanks To Our Sponsors

  • http://www.comptia.org/
  • http://cira.ca
  • http://shopify.ca
  • http://google.ca
  • http://adobe.ca
  • http://www.netcelerate.com/
  • http://cloud66.com

We will be leaving our Wiki page for some time so that people may continue to use its content.

I know so many of you are just starting on your journey with code, and may still be confused. I encourage you to take a look at the resources listed and search around Google!

Thank you so much for the last few years and all the best in the future,

Julian Nadeau

Founder, Code For Kids

Anyone can code!

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Hi Everyone! I’m Claire Kim, the Operations Manager here at Code For Kids. I’m different than what you’d expect from someone helping run a coding school. I’m currently studying Life Sciences and Math in my fourth year at Queen’s, and I have no experience at all in Computer Science!


The extent of my computer education was learning how to minimize windows quickly and type up essays on Microsoft Word. When I met Lucas, he showed me all these awesome things you can do with computers if you know what you’re doing, but it was always an enigma for me. I never really understood what Computer Science was, or even the concept of computer programming, until I entered university. Our computers do all these neat things and it’s easy to forget that someone had to create everything we use! I probably still don’t know enough to even hold a conversation about it, but that’s something I’m trying to change - not only about myself, but for the next generation too.


I’ve decided to learn a programming language (or so I’m told) called Python. Despite being the name of a snake, I’m told that it’s a really strong and simple to learn language that will show me what all this is about. I doubt I’ll get to the level of Lucas or Julian, but I’ll definitely try! I’m going to be learning from a book called “Python for Kids” by Jason R. Briggs and I will be blogging about my experience.


Why am I doing this?

We are living in the future. Amazon is launching drones to deliver small packages autonomously. Google glass, a wearable set of computer glasses, is an actual product that exists. We have near constant access to the entirety of human knowledge in our pockets. Our world is amazing and it’s all built on computer science and coding. As an employee at Code For Kids, I am committed to making sure the next generation knows how important this is. Exposure to the field is key for children to gain hands-on experience, build familiarity and learn the ways of critical thinking. Coding is our future, and the future is here!

Claire Kim

Operations Manager @ Code For Kids

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